monster smasherMonster Smasher is a new Android game from Playscape that’s about the eternal struggle between creatures called the Munchers & Gombies. It’s not a game about battling for land or gold though, instead you’re squabbling over food as the Munchers & Gombies both love to smasher android Munchers are cute little creatures that love to gorge themselves on all sorts of food while the Gombies are just as hungry, but only enjoy eating thinks like rust and wood. They’re also evil, and they’ve used their evilness to concoct a potion that turns Munchers into Monsters. Monster Smasher is all about freeing the Munchers, and you’ll do that by swiping and tapping on them as they march across the screen. By the numbers,  Monster Smasher offers up 30 levels set across 6 different chapters, 5 different types of enemies, and several different kinds of boosters. The upgrades are worth a mention as well considering they allow you to change the Munchers into Puppies, Pigs, and Ninja Playscape has become one of the more popular publishers on Google Play, and while I’ve not been a huge fan of their early games, their newer releases like Pegland have been quite good. Monster Smasher is a solid game and good for some quick fun, but you may have to watch out for the in-app purchases as all the upgrades can only be purchased with premium currency.  We haven’t noticed any signs of “free cookie” offers either which usually isn’t a good sign. If you want to take it for a whirl, you can pick up Monster Smasher for free on Google Play.

Monster Smasher

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