Day 10 of Google’s 10 cent Android App Promotion

We’re back today with Day 10 of Google’s 10 billion downloads .10 cent app deal, and sadly it’s the last day. The Big G has given us some great apps over the last 10 days, and today they are giving users eight games and four apps. They’ve even included one of my personal favorites called Apparatus and another I’ve wanted to try for awhile called Star Chart.

As mentioned, we’ve got 8 games today that range from an Intergalactic shooter to a game that let’s you build Rube Goldberg machines. In the Action & Arcade department you’ve got Shine Runner, Hyper Jump, Puffle Launch, and Heavy Gunner 3D. Puzzle fans will get the awesome game known as Apparatus and TileStorm HD from Jakyl. For those of us who like a little strategy you can grab Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom Sim or the popular game Sentinel 3: Homeworld. On the apps side of things you can get Camera Zoom FX, Color & Draw for kids phone, and Star Chart. Google wanted to make sure they put a little bit of everything out there, so users can also get one of Unit 7’s popular talking animals with Ben the Talking Dog.

Overall, it’s been great to see new batches of apps roll out over the past 10 days and while I missed out on some of the early ones, I’m glad I’ve been able to snag some over the past 4 days. Personally, I’ve grabbed around 12 apps for a whopping total of $1.20 which is pretty damned awesome when you consider the quality of what they’ve offered. Just remember today is the last day of the promotion, so if any of the apps & games above interest you head on over the market and grab em’ while you can.

Google’s .10 cent deals!

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