Death Worm Android Game Review


Ever wanted to be a Worm that eats people and destroys things? Me neither, but it sure is fun play one in “Death Worm” from PlayCreek. The monster in this game is a giant worm that looks like he came straight out of the movie Tremors. Your job is to eat people, animals, and generally cause a lot of chaos. It was a big hit on the Iphone, and now those of us with Android can enjoy the game.

Gameplay & Features

The gameplay is simple and the worm is easy to control. You just use your finger to control the Death Worms path above and below the surface. Your goal is to eat, and destroy a certain number of things before you can advance to the next level. You’ll be able to eat people & animals, while taking down helicopters, planes, tanks and the even the army.  As you get points, you’ll be able to level up your worms size, speed, and skin strength. I almost forgot, your Death Worm can also shoot fireballs, and it uses nitro. Those skills are upgradable too, and you can collect those randomly throughout the levels.  

There are three game modes; Survival, Campaign, and Mini Games. The Survival Mode is pretty self explanatory; you have to stay alive as long as possible, and will fight against a little bit of everything. In Campaign mode, you’ll get around 45 levels spread out across three different locations. You worm will get to cause chaos in the Desert, the City, and the Jungle. Super Dash & Air Defense are the two mini-games, and there is also a Leaderboard and Achievement section. The Campaign & Mini game sections both have levels that say “coming soon,” which is always great to see…


I wasn’t sure what to think of this game when I first saw it in the Market. After playing it for about 20 minutes, I was hooked. The graphics are great, and the gameplay was as smooth as silk on my Captivate. I’m anxious to see what the new levels will be, and it would be great to see some more upgrades for your Worm. There isn’t a free version of this game, but you can pick up the full version for 2.99 in the Android Market.

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