The popular game Death Worm from Playcreek now has a free version available to download in the market. Death Worm has been a hit since it came out several months ago, and people who haven’t tried this great game are going to be thrilled with the free version. If you’re not familiar with the game and have seen the movie Tremors, you’ll have a good idea what this Death Worm is about. He’s all about tearing stuff up & eating people. Unfortunately, there isn’t a cameo from Kevin Bacon (wouldn’t that be great), but the game is awesome anyway. You control this giant Worm of Death with your finger, and you’re going to eat people, animals & destroy everything in sight. Death Worm has 45 levels spread across 3 different locations with tons of enemies to destroy. It’s easy to control and fun to play. If you haven’t tried it already, head on over to the market and pick up the free version of Death Worm today.

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