For video gamers, it’s difficult to imagine that it was already ten years ago this month that Rockstar released the third installment of their hugely successful Grand Theft Auto series, the first to be on the Playstation 2 and the first to provide users with a sandbox three-dimensional world to engage in. It was an instant smash hit and set into stone the look and feel of the series as it’s existed ever since. All the while, it received it’s fair share of criticism for seemingly glorifying violence and gang behavior, a recurring theme for Rockstar’s GTA titles. Now, ten years later, parents can experience the moral debate all over again with the release of GTA III for select Android devices. It’s evident that Rockstar remains proud of it’s 2001 release. The $149.99 collector’s Claude figurine (the nonspeaking protagonist of the game) is being released simultaneously with the Android and iOS version of the game. It comes complete with all the weapons featured in the game as well as an orange prison jumpsuit Claude was originally wearing when the game began. The package of smartphone game and limited edition figurine is surely designed to tug at the heartstrings of Rockstar’s most nostalgic of fans, reflecting the company’s own self-satisfaction with their history-making video game. With that said, the Grand Theft Auto III game won’t be playable on just any old prepaid cell phone or Android-enabled device. According to Rockstar the game will only be available to those who have one of the following new generation Android-enabled devices: -LG Optimus 2X -Motorola Atrix -HTC EVO 2 & 3D -Droid X2 -Samsung Galaxy S2 The game will, however, also be available on the following Android-powered tablets: -Acer Iconia -Asus Eee Pad -Motorola Xoom -Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Oh, and yes, the game will also be available on the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S. The limited number of devices capable of playing the GTA III game might come as a relief to parents who’s kids are using hand-me-down 2G and 3G devices. But frankly, the video games of today make GTA III look about as violent as Super Mario World. In fact, take a serious hint from the way Rockstar chose to market this game. They doubt that kids will be aching to play an outdated video game. Instead, they’re banking on thousands of former game lovers who hung up their controllers years ago intrigued by the idea of taking a trip down memory lane. What better way than by virtually stealing cars?        

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