Defend the Earth against Hungry Aliens in Garfield’s Defense 2

We Prancer introduced us to Garfield’s Defense earlier this year, and now they’re back with Garfield’s Defense 2 for Android. If you had fun with the pasta lovin’ feline the first time around, keep reading as the gang’s back and so are the aliens…Garfield Defense 2: The Food Invaders Strike Back follows the fat feline’s struggles against the menacing alien overlords. Apparently the invaders didn’t get enough of a whoppin’ the first time around. As Garfield it’s up to you to stop their assault as they’ve stepped up their game and abandoned their conquest of Arbuckle’s fridge having moved on to wanting to snatch every piece of food on earth. You’ll fight off the invaders around the globe from New York to the North Pole as you take on 60 different action packed levels and all your old friends like Nermal and Odie will be around to lend you a hand. There are plenty of new features in Garfield’s Defense 2, but the most important one is the addition of PVP where you’ll get to challenge your friends. Pretty cool no? The original version of Garfield’s Defense was a pleasant surprise that turned out to be a very, very popular game. I have no doubt that Garfield’s Defense 2 will be just as fun and if you’ve enjoyed any of Web Prancer’s other Garfield games you’ll definitely dig this one. If you’re ready to defend Earth with a little help from your friends you can pick up Garfield’s Defense for free on Google Play.

Garfield’s Defense

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