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Defend your Bunker from the Germans in Hills of Glory 3D

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hills.of.glory.3D-Android AMA finally released Hills of Glory 3D last week, and as a fan of Hills of Glory WWII it’s a game I’ve been looking forward to. The first game was a blast and really put your reflexes to the test while the follow-up looks to improve upon the original with slick graphics and new missions. Ready to crush Germany and end WWII?hills.of.glory-1 Hills of Glory 3D drops you onto the battlefield in Europe and puts you to work defending your bunker against waves of oncoming enemies. The controls are basically the same as they were in the first game as you’ll tap to fire and press/hold for mortar fire. If you need a refresher you can get one courtesy of General Doug who does the tutorial and gives you tips throughout the game. The graphics are definitely top-notch, and while they went with a cartoonish approach over a realistic one it works well and doesn’t feel childish. As for the levels, there are 21 missions to go along with Endless Mode. In addition to the levels you’ll get to upgrade your weapons and add things to your “war collection” which lets you unlock the final upgrades for each weapon. It’s a nice touch, and so far the collections haven’t been too difficult to get going. Hills of Glory 3D is a nice follow-up to Hills of Glory WWII, but unfortunately I had some issues with the game. The ads are pretty bad to be honest; you’ll get them in-between missions, and sometimes you’ll get several in a row. It slows things down and there is no way to remove them that I can see. You may be able to kill the ads with an IAP, but I haven’t seen any mention of it. I also had a few issues with the controls, but that could be my device and not widespread. That being said, it’s hard for me to recommend the game due to the ads; it’s a solid game, but the ads can be a bit overwhelming at times. If ads don’t bother you and you still want to give it a whirl you can pick up AMA’s Hills of Glory 3D for free on Google Play.

Hills of Glory 3D