Dell CEO Shows Off its New 7-inch Android Tablet

Look what we have here. Dell CEO, Michael Dell amuses the crowd at the Oracle Conference in San Francisco by pulling out what seemed like a bigger Streak tablet. In case you’re not aware, Dell has recently released the Dell Streak tablet, a 5-inch device that has some mobile phone capabilities. Although, not everyone had the chance to get hold of this Streak tablet yet, hence there was not much hype about it’s still worthy to note that the said 5-inch Android tablet was running Android for its OS. And so is this new 7-inch Dell Streak tablet which Dell CEO was showing off just now. Unfortunately, there were nothing much to report about the said Dell Android tablet. So that leaves us all guessing on what features it will probably bring. The previous Dell Streak features a 5-inch display, Android 1.6, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and camera plus its phone capabilities. For sure, Dell will add some more features into this 7-inch tablet to make it a better device than the Apple iPad or even perhaps better than the Samsung Galaxy Tab which gained traction by way of four major carriers supporting its release soon. So, are you excited about the Dell Android tablet? What features would you like it to have? Can Dell be as successful as it was with the Dell netbook product line as they will be with tablet devices? via Engadget

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