Dell Selling Free HTC Aria

I’m not sure if you can call it selling if you are effectively giving the product away for free but who cares if it is free! I love free and the way it rolls off the tongue instead of having money roll out my wallet. Now admittedly there is a catch…(deep breath) you have to have a 2 year agreement with AT&T. Gah! It burns! I’ll admit that they have better 3G coverage than T-Mobile until T-Mobile rolls out the new HSPA+, but realistically unless you want an iPhone I don’t see much reason to go with them. Especially if you are here reading this you did not want to anyway. In any case instead of paying AT&T $129.99 for the phone plus the activation fee Dell will give it to you 100% free. For how long I don’t know but for now the offer is good for any new 2 year contract. So for all of you nearing the end of your contract and still sticking with Ma Bell buy, er, get your Aria free today at Dell’s site.

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