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Destroy the Undead in Zombonic for Android

by On

As Halloween approaches we’ll be covering more Horror related games and we’re going to start with Zombonic from Mesmer Mobile. If you’re into shooting creepy looking zombies and don’t want the hassle of a storyline keep on reading as Zombonic might be just the game for you. Zombonic is a shooter, but it’s a little different from most shooting games involving the undead. When you first fire up the game you’ll be transported into a foyer of sorts with several corridors leading into it. You’re not going to stalk the zombies or burst through doors either as you’re basically just going to stand there and dole out the punishment. As you can’t move you’ll want to slowly tilt your device from side to side to pan the corridors and when you see a zombie you just need to tap it to send it back to hell. Zombonic starts you out with a shotgun, and I’m not sure if there are any other weapons in the game (don’t think so) but there are some power-up drops that can help you or harm you depending on what they are. Needless to say stay away from anything that says rotten rations unless you want to see the view with a skewed perspective for a bit. I’ll start off by saying Zombonic is a very cool looking game, and you’re basically a Plague Doctor looking guy that enjoys destroying creepy looking zombies. The gameplay is in your face and pretty intense at time although I wish there was a little more to it in the form of weapons or extras. Overall it’s a nice game for some quick fun and it definitely has the eerie atmosphere thing down pat. There’s no free version of this one to try, but you can pick up the full version of Zombonic for $0.99.