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Destroy your Enemies and your Environment in Iron Crusade for Android

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Iron Crusade is a new Android game from Wyse Games that lets you join the Imperial Tank Squad and take on the bad guys. You’ll have to defeat your enemies and conquer planets to expand the Empire and you’re going to have a lot of fun doing it.Iron Crusade drops you into a massive mega tank and puts you to work taking out the evil angry enemy tanks one at a time. Each level you’re dropped into a cool retro battle ground where you’ll face the enemy tank in turn-based battle. You can move your tank left or right, and you can even jump a bit if something’s in your path. Firing your weapon is trajectory based where you’ll touch your tank and drag out the proper trajectory to your target to fire. You’ll basically want to spend your time firing, moving, and collecting crystals on each level.  There are a lot of different weapons and upgrades to buy which cost crystals, and as you might expect those crystals can be earned or purchased via the in-app system. One of my favorite things about Iron Crusade so far (besides the gameplay) are the graphics and crazy looking backdrops which really set this game apart from other games with similar setups.


Iron Crusade was a pleasant surprise, and I think a lot of gamers will enjoy this one. As good as the gameplay is, the graphics are truly the star of the show for me and it also doesn’t hurt that you’re playing in a fully destructible environment either. Yup, basically anything you hit is going to take damage or be destroyed which adds a worms-like strategy experience to the game which is never a bad thing.  If you enjoy a good tank game as much as I do Iron Crusade is a game you’ll definitely want to check out. You can pick up Wyse Games Iron Crusade on Google Play for free.

Iron Crusade

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