If you’ve ever wondered what your ancestors may have looked like there’s an app for that. The Croods: Crood-ify Yourself is a new Android app from Dreamworks that lets you see what you’d look like as part of The Croods. Yup, it’s a movie tie-in app and it’s the 2nd one this we’ve seen this week for the new Dreamworks flick. The Croods: Crood-ify Yourself is a photo manipulation app that lets you see what you’d look like as one of the Crood brood. You can choose from Grug, Eep, Guy, Thunk, Ugga or Sandy – there’s basically a character for anyone in your family that wants to be Croodified. Once you choose a character and background you simply need to load up a picture or take one and you’re good to go. Actually you’ll have to tweak it a bit to get your eyes & nose lined up, but it’s an easy process.  Once your prehistoric masterpiece is complete you can share it with the world via the usual channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc… Crood-ify Yourself is a simple to use app that the kids should have some fun with, but it just exists to promote the movie so don’t expect a lot of bells & whistles outside of its initial purpose. That being said, it’s very well done (it’s Dreamworks afterall) and may pacify your kids until the movie is released on the 24th. If you want to give it a whirl you can pick up Dreamworks The Croods: Crood-ify Yourself for free on Google Play.

The Croods: Crood-ify Yourself

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