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Digital Dementia on the Rise, According to Study

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Digital Dementia Welcome to the Brave New World, we have GMO cookies, Android Smart Phones, Cloned Beef, Internet on the Go and guess what else, Digital Dementia. Yeah guys, that’s not a sick joke. Digital Dementia it’s actually a disease and it was reported back in the 90’s. Today’s news article is based on the latest study in South Korea, where a surge in Digital Dementia is reported by a team of researchers and medical doctors. South Korea is one of the most developed countries in the world, especially when it comes to internet connections and smart phone use. It’s no breaking news if you ask me, since quite a few of the biggest tech companies  are Korea based, just think Samsung, LG, Hyundai, I rest my case. Digital Dementia is a disease which was discovered back in the 1990’s  and it affect both adults and children, along with the internet addiction. Let me tell you stories about internet addiction…Anyway, the Digital Dementia is affecting your cognitive abilities, just like in people who sustained severe head injuries or are suffering from psychiatric diseases. So, it’s a very serious condition, not to be taken lightly, there’s no wild conspiracy theory here. It’s a well documented fact. One of the medics involved in the study is Byun Gi-won, he works at the Balance Brain Centre in Seoul and he stated in an interview that the over use of smart phones, gaming consoles (weapons of mass distraction sort of speak) etc is interfering with the normal development of the human brain,especially in its early stages i.e. when you’re a kid, growing up. The result of “gaming hard” is that you are developing your left side of the brain in excess, while the right side remains retarded. As in, lagging behind.Well, as in, you know. Retarded. And that’s not good, by a long shot.

Digital Dementia

 The right side of the brain hemisphere is responsible with your concentration/focus abilities, if under developed, serious problems occur, like attention deficit disorders, memory span issues (have you noticed the increase in ADD and ADHD in the recent years, I wonder why), all leading to an early stage of dementia installing quietly. There is also a huge risk of emotional underdevelopment, especially in children, and the situation is not getting any better. That’s because games and smart phones are advancing fast and they are increasingly addictive, hence the number of youngsters using their smart devices for more than 7 hours a day reached almost 20%, an increase of 7%  from 2012 and it looks like the trend is on the up and up. Almost 70% of South Koreans have smart phones, this is the “smartest” country in the world apparently, and if you read  Manfred Spitzer’s book, Digital Dementia, you will understand why is not such a good idea to live your life playing with your droid all day long. You may think that this problem is just in South Korea, but take a look around, it would be very interesting to see such a study performed in the US. Source: Telegraph