Digital Leisure releases the Arcade Classic Space Ace for Android

space ace for android I grew up on all things Don Bluth so it was a Merry Christmas for me when I noticed that Digital Leisure had released Space Ace for Android. If you were born after Arcades went the way of the Dinosaur you probably haven’t heard of this little gem which means you are in for quite the treat…space ace for android Space Ace originally came out way back in 1984 on a mythical device called a “laserdisc”. If you’ve never seen one just think of a DVD the size of a record, pretty cool to be honest. Space Ace is the tale of a heroic space hero that gets transformed into a child version of himself (Dexter) and goes on a quest to rescue his girlfriend Kimberly and stop the evil Borf. The game plays as an animated movie game, and you’ll have to react quickly to advance just like in Dragon’s Lair. The games are very similar in the way they play except Space Ace has different skill levels and you’ll get to transform yourself from Dexter to Space Ace whenever you get “Energized”. I played Space Ace and Dragon’s Lair back in the day, and am thrilled to see both those classics alive and well on mobile devices. I’ve owned Dragon’s Lair since it was released, and while I haven’t had a chance to play Space Ace yet it will soon be added to my collection. This style of game definitely isn’t for everyone, but if you dig retro or are looking for something a bit different it’s well worth a look. There’s no demo version of the game at this time, but you can pick up the full version of Digital Leisure’s Space Ace for $4.99 on Google Play.

Space Ace

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