diner.dash.androidI think its pretty safe to say that everyone’s heard of Diner Dash. A few days ago the folks at PlayFirst brought the popular time management game to Android, and now you can help Flo serve patrons on your favorite Android device. diner.dash-1Diner Dash follows the tale of Flo, a waitress who’s just trying to make a buck and serve her customers as efficiently as possible. You’ll help her out by seating customers, managing orders, and clearing tables to make way for the hungry people waiting in line. The gameplay basically consists of you constantly tapping to get things done, and you’ll have to think quickly if you want make a profit. As you progress through the game you’ll unlock new restaurants and customers; you’ll also be able to buy upgrades and boosts with money earned from completing shifts. There are 5 themed restaurants to unlock and more than 50 levels to play through in the full version. There are several other restaurants listed as coming soon as well including Spooky Saloon, Sweetheart Café, and Zesty Zeppelin. diner.dash-2Diner Dash has been available on about every platform you can think of, and its nice to see it finally make its way to Android. There’s a freemium version of the game you can check out that lets you play the first restaurant and if you like what you see you can get the deluxe version for $2.99. If you’re ready to lend Flo a hand, just hit up the link below.

Diner Dash

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