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Disney Releases a Free Version of Where's My Water? Android Game

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Disney’s first attempt at creating a mobile game was met with so much enthusiasm recently. The game, called Where’s My Water? runs similar to popular iOS and Android games such as Cut the Rope and Angry Birds. These types of games feature cutesy characters that tend to leave a mark in your memory soon after you’ve played these games. For Where’s My Water?, the game’s main character happens to be an alligator who’s in constant need of water supply for bathing. Your role then is to provide that water by letting it run from the start of the game towards various paths that will lead to his bathroom. And that’s the premise of this exciting game, in case you haven’t played it yet. To promote the game some more, Disney has just announced that a free version of the game is now available from the Android market. This free version offers 25 exclusive levels plus two hidden levels which you can unlock later on. Disney is also kicking off a special promotion for the game dubbed “The 10 days of swampy.” With this, you can unlock a new level of the game each day and when you “Tri-Duck” all of the new levels, you will be rewarded with “Swampy’s Picks,” which are actually five of the best levels of the premium version of the game.  Some free wallpapers can also be had on January 1. Additionally, 20 new levels were also added to the premium version of the gem as well as some great collectibles. Where’s My Water the free version is available now from the Android Market.