Calcula is a funky new mathematical calculator from developers Gold Mountain. I know, you might be thinking that your phone comes with a calculator so what’s so special about this one? Besides having great Vampirish name, it also has a few nifty features… Calcula has 5 colorful keypads ranging from bright & colorful to blingy with gold and diamonds. You can drag up & down to switch keypads and left-right to find other function like %, squareroot, +/-, MS (Memory Save), and MR (Memory Restore). Calcula will save all your calculations which can be accessed by long-pressing the = key, from there you can copy them to your clipboard or clear them out. Calcula also takes advantage of your phones Text to Speech capabilities and can speak the equations back to you using whatever languages you already have on your phone.


I’ve always been fairly quick with doing standard calculations in my head, but I have found myself using my phone’s calculator more often than not lately. Calcula is one of the few simple calculator apps I’ve tried out and the big, easy to use buttons along with the text-to-speech capabilities have made it a keeper on my phone. I would like to see some more keypads added in the future, but other than that it’s a solid, simple calculator app. You can pick up Calcula for free in the Android market. Calcula

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