Do You Use AdBlock Plus? Well, Google Doesn’t Care!

Adblock Plus

If you’re an Internet enthusiast like I am, you must know about Adblock Plus, an excellent tool for blocking unwanted scripts, pop-ups and annoying commercials running on your favorite websites.

To me, a web addict, Adblock Plus is the best invention, since baby wipes. And being a free app is even better !

I was ready to use that “sliced bread” cliché, but it is too mainstream. Well, the smart folks from Google had a very cool idea : if you can’t beat them, join them! Well, in their case, being a multi billion corporation, buy them. And, they decided to buy. Not the app itself, but they started paying Adblock Plus money so they will not block Google’s adds by default. How cool is that? It’s like, I don’t know, drug dealers bribing police to look the other way, I mean, it’s surreal! Well, maybe I’m not using the best example, but what the Hell, it’s Sunday!

The concept is that Google pays Eyeo, the company who created Adblock Plus to allow Google’s adds on their “white list”, so, even if you have AdBlock Plus enabled, you will still be bugged by Google’s adds. The next logical step is for Eyeo to charge you money for their free add to block Google, am I right?

Apparently, Eyeo’s “buy adds on Adblock” policy  is not new, it has its roots in 2011 when they enabled the “white list” policy, in order to prevent smaller companies which live from internet advertising to go bankrupt. It was like a generous idea.

But now, enters Google, the king of intenet advertising. Eyeo’s co-founder Till Faida declared in an interview that Adblock is now embracing a more positive attitude regarding internet advertising. They are not taliban anymore, as they are looking towards a more friendlier approach, i.e.  live and let live (and pay us money), instead of kill them all,  like it was the case until recently.

Heck, why should I use Adblock from now on, if their company “new age” policy defeats the initial purpose of the App?

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