I’m a pretty open minded person, so its rare that I come across something that really gets under my skin. Well, that happened due to a new Android game by the name of “Dog Wars.” I first heard of this last week through Android Central, and the news about the game has spread like wildfire since then. Your not going to find me reviewing this game, or saying anything nice about it. I will give you a rundown of the news surrounding the game, along with some pictures of Man’s best friend… I knew it would only be a matter of time before something happened with the game, and as of today its gone from the Market. News about the game has been pouring in across the web, and celebrities Michael Vick & Alicia Silverstone added their opinions today as well. I knew Vick would be brought into it, but Alicia Silverstone jumping into the fray…. that one leaves me Clueless (pun intended.) Either way, the game has vanished from the Android market for the time being although I have a feeling it may be back due to the big G’s lax market policies.

The dev’s had to know this would happen, there are way too many animal lovers out there for something like this to just fly under the radar. The ASPCA, PETA, The Humane Society, and celebrities can apply a whole lot of pressure. The developers did change their market description to a mellower one, but I don’t think it helped. The line about “a portion of the profits made from the game go to help animal rescue organizations,” I’m sure rubbed people the wrong way as well. It’s obvious they knew this would happen, and have received a ton of publicity from the controversy. Why make a game that glorifies dog fighting and animal abuse, and then say the app will be a “net benefit” for dogs. It’s made worse by the fact that the Dev’s say they are dog owners.


Personally, I’m glad the game is gone and hope it stays out of the market. I do believe in freedom of speech and all that jazz, but you have to draw the line somewhere. People have been speculating all day as to why the game is now gone from the market.  As of now, we don’t know whether the Dev’s took it down, or Google did. The mystery continues, but hopefully this games 15 minutes of fame is over…

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