Dolphin Browser for Android Now Available in Beta Version

dolphin browser

If you’re not happy with your default Android browser, now you can take a look  at the new Dolphin Browser for Android, available for beta-testers in the Google Play Store.

So, if your current Android browser doesn’t offer enough features or shortcuts you’re expecting for your smart device, you can take a look at Chrome, Firefox  or the Dolphin Browser, all of them available in beta versions in the Google Play Store.

But, with the Dolphin, you will have to sign up first, for its beta program before using it, so let me show you how to do it :

First, you will have to join the Dolphin Browser Beta Testers Google+ Community.

Indeed, it sounds complicated, and come on, who uses Google+ or HI5 anyway?  But there are benefits if you join, check this out.  If you don’t have a Google+ account and you want to join the Dolphin Beta Testers group, you’ll have to create one for yourself.

dolphin browser

The next step is to go here, click on “Become a tester”, and you’re set up and almost ready to go, but you must keep in mind that the link won’t work if you’re not a member of Google+.

Finally, you will have to download the Dolphin Browser for Android from the Google Play Store by clicking here and voila! You can now start testing it, knock yourself out!

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