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Dolphin Browser for Pad Up for Grabs for your Honeycomb Tablets

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Still looking for that best mobile web browser for your Android Honeycomb tablet? Well, Dolphin Browser for Pad (beta) which has just been released on the Android Market might just be what you have been looking for. Many of us will remember that Dolphin Browser is an alternative mobile web browser for our Android smartphones which is definitely better than the default Android browser. Dolphin Browser for Pad brings all the good features of the phone browser and optimizes it for the large screen display of most Honeycomb tablets. The result, a pretty good mobile web browser that you will surely use to replace the default Android web browser of your tablet. Dolphin Browser for Pad has pretty much the same features as the Dolphin Browser HD for smartphones.  The browser supports add-on for customizing your browser experience and making it function pretty much the way you want it to function. It also lets you open any of your favorite websites through the touch of a fingertip via gestures command and multi-touch pinch to zoom in and zoom out. Dolphin Browser for Pad also features tabbed browsing similar to how you do it on a desktop browser. There’s also a sidebar that shows all the tabs that you’ve opened on the right side and bookmark list and folders on the left side. Other features of the Dolphin Browser for Pad include Smart Address Bar, Bookmarks Folder, User Agent, and the recently released Webzine feature. Dolphin Browser for Pad in beta is available now as a free download from the Android Market.