Doubleleft releases Bob Burnquist’s Dreamland for Android


An interesting skateboarding game crept into the market over the weekend called Bob Burnquist’s Dreamland. It’s not your typical 3D Tony Hawk style game either, as Dreamland drops you into a cartoon world and lets you tap, swipe and gesture your way across the levels.

The goal of each level is to try and get the highest score possible by doing tricks and pulling of combos while trying to make it to the end of the stage. The tricks are easy to do and are done through swiping gestures on the screen; once the stage starts you drop in and it’s pretty much down (and up) hill from there. There’s only one world available right now, but there are 30 levels in that one so it’s a good start. They do have Openfeint and 20 achievements to unlock; more level “packs” are promised to be on the way soon as well.


I’ve always liked skateboarding games and have been a huge fan of the classic Tony Hawk games. Bob Burnquist’s Dreamland is a totally different in every way from those games, but its great fun and has its own unique style. Bob Burnquist’s Dreamland is free (with ads) to download and you can find it in the Android Market.

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