Well, that was a fast reaction there from the doubleTwist folks. We were just covering the release of WinAmp for Android with wireless synching capability and here comes doubleTwist with the same feature being rolled out. You remember doubleTwist right? Well, if you don’t, let me remind you that it’s a very nice media player Android app which comes with a desktop interface. The desktop interface is very much like iTunes where you can transfer media files from your computer to your Android phone by connecting the two devices via USB. But now, doubleTwist is beefing up its product by introducing wireless sync via a feature called AirSync. To use this feature, you need to download two things – the doubleTwist desktop application from here, and the doubleTwist Android app from the Android Market. Once you get both of these running, simply launch doubleTwist on your Android phone and tap on the “upgrade” button to get AirSync. Once the process is completed, you can start synching your Android phone and you computer minus the USB cables. That is via Wi-Fi connection. So there, either you get doubleTwist or WinAmp to sync your Android phone to your computer wirelessly. Which Android app are you going to get?

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