Dragon Slayer is the Infinity Blade of Android, but with dragons as your enemies

Take the gesture-based, one-on-one combat style of gameplay of Infinity Blade for iOS and then replaced the monsters and creatures as the enemies – boom! You got Dragon Slayer, a new free-to-play fighting game for Android. Dragon Slayer is aptly described as a visually spectacular, magic-based combat game. The gameplay is pretty much the same as Glu Mobile’s other combat game, Blood and Glory. You’ll be battling dragons, wyverns and reptiles as you traverse the map of the fantasy realm. To do so, you’l be unleashing magic forces, deadly spells as you try to evade flaming breath, bite, tail-whip and talons of your Dragon enemies. Sounds like a great game, indeed. I mean, seriously, if dragons and warriors are involved, most of the time, the game is great. Dragon Slayer is one such example.¬†Simple and yet effective gameplay combined with great graphics – and you have an entertaining game to play on your mobile devices. If you’d like to take Glu Mobile’s Dragon Slayer for a spin you can pick it up for free on Google Play.

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