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Draw Something for Android becomes more social

by On

Heard about Draw Something? If you haven’t, well it’s a pretty addictive Android game, to be specific – a very addictive social game in the likes of Words with Friends among others. The game lets you draw, well something and have it guessed by a friend. The friend you’re playing with gets a notification whenever you have used your turn and have drawn something. Once your friend guess what you’ve drawn, it now becomes your turn to guess what your friend is going to draw. For those who are familiar with this game, you’re probably one of the millions who’ve downloaded the game and enjoying it with your friends. Now here’s something to make you love the game even more. A new update has just been released bringing in three new features that make the game more social now. First, Draw Something now lets you comments on your friends drawings. Hence, you can tell your friend to improve his or her drawing if it’s being a pain to guess what it is. Second, you can now undo something when you’re drawing. And third, you can now use the pull-down gesture to refresh something, bringing in immediate updates. Of couse, there are also the usual round of bug fixes to the game. Draw Something is available now as a free download from Google Play. if you’re looking for somebody to play the game with, I’ll be happy to play the game with you.