A new Tower Defense game slid into the market last night in the form of Epic Defense – The Elements from DreamStudio. You’ll have to defend yourself against a vicious race of Orcs hell bent on wiping your race from existence, but you’ll get a little help from the elements. Nothing says “Surprise” like a Volcano or Iceberg coming your way, and Epic Defense is a fun surprise that gamers are going to enjoy… The gameplay is right in line with most other Tower Defense games where you place towers to keep enemies from making it to each levels exit. As you kill enemies jewels and coins are dropped, and those jewels are used to upgrade your towers. Three of the same colored jewels upgrade your tower to an “Elemental Tower” which lets it spew fire, lightning or ice towards your unsuspecting foes. Epic Defense – The Elements offers a rich storyline with 21 different levels (30 waves per level), and two modes of gameplay to go along with three difficulty levels. The game also uses RPG-like elements in its upgrade system to make things a bit more challenging and a lot more fun.


Epic Defense – The Elements looks to be a solid Tower Defense game and a nice addition to the market. The graphics might not “WOW” you, but overall the game is solid and fun to play. If you enjoy Fantasy inspired Tower Defense games you’ll definitely want to check this one out. You can pick up DreamStudio’s Epic Defense – the Elements for free in the Android market.

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