According to a leaked screenshot of the purported Droid Does page for the upcoming Motorola Droid Bionic, the price on a two year contract for the Android superphone will be $299.  Unless the screenshot was somehow Photoshopped to reflect a different price point, I’m confident that this is the real deal.  Verizon Wireless already priced the Samsung Droid Charge at $299, and that only featured a single-core processor.  Verizon is not afraid to push the price tag because they feel the quality of their 4G LTE network certainly justifies a higher price tag.
Android Central reports that the Droid Does page is slated to go live in the first week of August.  As of now, the latest rumors indicate an August 4th launch, and the Droid Does page usually goes live the day of its announcement, so it looks like there is a good possibility the dual-core 4G LTE beast will drop on the fourth of August.  Who’s excited?

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