Droid Ultra release set for August 8, purported ad storyboard says

Motorola X Phone Ad

After seeing the Droid Maxx detailed in a purported ad storyboard earlier today, a similar image for the Droid Ultra suggests that the phone could be launched on August 8.

While the Droid Maxx’s storyboard revealed it could offer 48 hours of battery life, the Droid Ultra ad seems to focus on the phone’s durability.

According to the image, the phone will pack a Gorilla Glass screen and a Kevlar case – not that we’re surprised to hear that sort of details – allowing it to survive accidental drops and other mishaps.

Interestingly, the image also suggest that the phone will come with some voice recognition features. The Droid Ultra owner in the ad will apparently tell the handset to play a Spotify mix:

“Hello Moto. Open Spotify. Play Coltrane mix.”

That may not appear to be as exciting as the  voice recognition and contextual awareness features the Moto X is said to have, but it’s definitely interesting.

The ad ends with this voice-over message:

Fortified with Gorilla Glass. Encased in Kevlar, the new Droid Ultra.
When it matters it matters.
Droid does.

Finally, the ad will tell us that the handset is coming “only on Verizon” and it will show what looks like a launch date: “8-8-13” or August 8, 2013.

Droid Ultra ad storyboard

The Droid Ultra has appeared in a variety of leaks so far, but it’s yet to be made official. Assuming this storyboard is the real deal, then we may soon see this ad start airing, but not before Motorola actually launches its new family of Verizon-bound Droids.

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Via: Android Authority

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