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Droid World London 2013 is an Android related Conference which will take place  at Earls Court 2,  between October 22-23 2013. This is where leading Android developers, along with  Android representatives and industry giants  like Google and Twitter will meet and discuss the challenges facing the Android  ecosystem.

Even if Android is the most used mobile OS in the world, there are many problems for developers to overcome. This is where the Droid World London two day conference track at Apps World comes into play.

Lots of  visitors are expected, as usual, and also leading authors in the mobile industry and high profile speakers will share their expertise with the general public and the developers community.

The hot topics that will be covered at Droid World London 2013 include Wearable technology, which sparked much debate these days, I am talking about the Google Glass obviously, a subject that will be covered  in the keynote session on the new technology from Grant Allen, the main architect at Google. He will talk to developers about the business opportunities of this new technology.

Another point of attraction will be a presentation made by Twitter’s director of engineering Jeff Seibert, who will talk about the best ways to optimize your development process for maximum efficiency as well as debugging your android apps.

Developers will also discuss about the Android vs iOS meme, which is also a big challenge in understanding the personality of the typical Android customer, that is crucial, given the effect that has on their app buying and usage habits.

One of the main issues of the Android OS was and still is its fragmentation, due to a huge number of handset models  available on the market but also the variety of operating systems in use.  This is one of the biggest challenges for developers of Android apps and a very important discussion topic at Droid World London 2013.

Optimizing the Android Apps performance is another vital thing for developers and the subject will be covered by a high profile speaker at the event, Mr. Mario Zechner. He is the author of “Beginning Android Games”  and he will share tips and tricks on how to manage apps file size and efficiency including code shrinking and using benchmarks to maximize the performance, also how to increase the battery life.

One of the biggest headaches for Android Apps developers is the QA and testing part of the App development process. For example, an App that works flawlessly on a Samsung Galaxy S4 can be a menace on a HTC One, and without huge expenses from developers, it’s nearly impossible to test your App on every single system/smartphone model.A panel session comprising representatives from the BBC, Sky and Apptivation, will aim to determine just how to ensure that your Android App works the same on all the devices you need it to for your own target user base.

Threading is another common issue when it comes to Android Apps development, and Mark Murphy, author of “The Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development” will discuss the challenges of managing the thread life cycle, the advantages and disadvantages of multi-threading and thing of this nature, including how to maintain thread safety.

Last but not least, Ian Holt, head of developer outreach at Ordnance Survey will explain how developers can further exploit the functionality offered by geo-location within Android Apps and how  to make the most of it when it comes to extend and maintain customer bases and retention.

To register for your free pass Droid World (as well as the Apps World exhibition,  Enterprise World, Developer World, Tech World and Gaming World) please click here.

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