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Droidhen drops New Racing Game Mole Kart for Android

by On

If you’re a fan of Super Mario Kart or any other Karting game you’re in for a treat as Droidhen has released a cool new Android game called Mole Kart. Mole Kart lets you race in a magical world filled with mushrooms, volcanoes, glaciers, and monsters. If you’re familiar with games of this nature you already know that the courses will be filled full of things that can help or hinder you as you take on the competition. There are many different Mole characters in the game; each has its own Kart and special abilities which can definitely help you out later in the game. Driving games of any kind can be tricky to control and sometimes need a little fine tuning in that department.  Mole Kart has several different control schemes including tilt & swipe so everyone should be pleased. As for the tracks, there seem to be 7 but there could be more as you get further into the game.


I’m a huge fan of Mario Kart, and was all over “Mole Kart” when I first noticed in the market a few days back. Graphically the game is sound, and while it’s an obvious attempt to copy Mario Kart it’s a good one and the characters are cute & quirky. The controls however could use a little work in my opinion. There are several different ways to set things up, but no matter what I tried they just seem a little off; The game is still playable, but the steering could definitely use some tweaking. If you want to take Mole Kart for a spin, you can pick it up for free on Google Play.

Mole Kart