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Dropbox app update drops onto Android market

by On

Following on from their update to the mobile version of their website, well known and much used cloud based storage company Dropbox have also moved to bring Android device users an update to their version of the Dropbox Android app too. With this latest update to the Dropbox app, the company have brought more of a focus on media content to the fore front of the app and more specifically, to photographical and video content. When using the app for the first time after the update, we are met with a new ‘photo tab’ which allows users to immediately view images and videos that they have uploaded to the Dropbox service rather than having to ‘wade’ through other content that they may have also uploaded to their Dropbox account. It seems to be a move towards creating a stronger photo or media storage ethic to Dropbox rather than just being an all round ‘store all’ service. Being able to access images and videos across a range of devices and on the internet could see Dropbox battling with the likes of Photobox and similar image hosts in the future. There is also a change in where uploads are made from within the app file browser and a bunch of tweaks, bug fixes and general optimization of the Android app with this latest update. The change log for Dropbox v2.2 for Android reads as follows:

Introducing the Photos tab with all your uploaded photos and videos. Uploads moved to the menu in the file browser. Lots of under-the-hood bug fixes and tune-ups.

As usual, the Dropbox update is available to download and install now on the Google Play store.