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Dropbox offers up 5GB free storage for downloading the experimental build of its Android app

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Dropbox has just released an experimental build of its Android app.  This version of the Dropbox Android app brings in several new features that enhance the app’s functionality and usefulness. Specifically, the new Dropbox Android app experimental version now lets you automatically uploads photos and videos in the background using Wi-Fi or your data plan. What’s good about this new feature is the fact that if you upload 500MB of photos and videos, you’ll be given with additional 500MB of free space. But of course to do this, you need to download the experimental build of the app on your Android devices. You can grab the apk file of the Dropbox Android app from here. As a reminder, the Dropbox Android app lets you upload files of any size for as long as its not more than 180MB. Other features of the experimental release of the Dropbox Android app include support for resuming file uploads when there are network issues, as well as the usual round of bug fixes and performance improvements. So Dropbox is hoping that this gig will bring in a good turn-out of additional users for its services. Will you be enticed to download and use Dropbox on your Android devices now? Of course, if you don’t want to take part into this promotional gig, you can always download the official version of the app from the Android Market for free.