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Duke Nukem 3D now available in the Android Market

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A game a lot of us grew up with is now “officially” available for Android, and that game is none other than Duke Nukem 3D! MachineWorks LLC and TapJoy have teamed up to bring us this awesome game, and I know a lot of fans are thrilled to have it on their phones or tablets. I was pretty excited myself until I noticed a few issues with the game, then my excitement faded a little bit. Are the issues deal breakers? Read on to find out…

The new version of Duke Nukem is the same as the original version we all know and love except for the fact you’re going to have to use the in-app purchasing to get the full game. Yup, you get the 1st episode for $0.99 cents, but after that you’re going to have to pick up the next two episodes through the in-app system. Remember the days where there was a flat rate “paid” version as well as a trial? Looks like those days are sadly coming to an end as I’ve seen more of those damned annoying in-game ads and in-app purchasing options than I care for. That being said, they clearly state in the market description that you’re only getting the first episode for a dollar so people should calm down about that. If you want to be a little angry you should be angry at the ads.

For some reason the dev’s and Tapjoy decided to put ads in a paid game… not a smart move guys. I understand why some developers use ads, but when you put them in a paid game you’re pushing your luck. From looking at the market comments and the games rating, I can see I’m not the only one that feels that way. I have a feeling they’ll quickly remedy the ad situation, and when they do I’ll let you know. If you want to give the game a go you can grab the first episode of Duke Nukem 3D in the market for .99 cents. Duke Nukem 3D