Duolingo for Android makes Learning a Foreign Language Fun

duolingo-androidA lot of people would love to speak a foreign language, but it can be costly and time consuming if you have to take classes. Duolingo for Android can change that as it teaches you foreign languages, and it does it all for free.duolingo.android-1 Duolingo for Android takes a different approach to teaching you to speak in a foreign tongue. Instead of boring lessons you’ll get mini-games of sorts, and there’s even a life gauge that loses a heart each time you miss a question. Duolingo does a great job of keeping things fresh as well – some lessons have you typing while others let you drag & drop words to complete foreign phrases. It’s a small thing, but a nice touch that keeps things interesting. You’ll also have to pay attention as you’re going through each course – I got the dreaded “Game Over” message when it asked me to “listen and type” in German, not English. If you’re an English speaker Duolingo can help you learn Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Italian from English.duolingo.android-2 The app can also teach you to speak English if you’re from Spain, France, Portugal or Italy. They may not have as many languages as other apps like Rosetta Stone, but Duolingo for Android has a huge advantage over every other foreign language app – it’s free, there are achievements, and it’s actually fun to use. I’ve used Rosetta several times over the years, and my first experience with Duolingo was enough to convince me to switch. The lessons are easier to digest and the game format keeps things interesting instead of trying to grind things into your skull. If you’ve ever wanted to learn a foreign language, you’ll definitely want to give Duolingo for Android a go. You can pick up Duolingo for free on Google Play.


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