Monopoly.Hotels-AndroidMonopoly Hotels hit Google Play yesterday, and I have to admit I cringed a bit at the sight of another Android Game from EA. As a Monopoly fan I had to give it a whirl, and as you’d expect the IAP’s are out in full force.monopoly-hotels1 Monopoly Hotels is a vertical building game that lets you deck out Hotels with different rooms and shops. You’ll start out with Mediterranean, but as you build up your bankroll you’ll be able to unlock other hotels which you’ll access by swiping side-to-side. Some hotels are actually attractions, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the Tennessee Zoo, and an Aquarium. Another cool surprise is the addition of other Hasbro icons like characters from My Little Pony and Mr. Potato Head. There are lots of nice little touches throughout, and fans of Monopoly should definitely enjoy things like the jailbird that sneaks around or the random appearances from the community chest. As cool as Monopoly Hotels is, I’ve already hit the IAP’s early on and it looks like it’s going to slow things down considerably. There is a huge emphasis on premium currency (gold), and a lot of the buildings you’ll require for tasks cost enormous amounts of gold. The lowest gold package you can buy is around five bucks, and is by no means a deal as you’re only getting 50 gold. By comparison, the Film Room will set you back 1,500 gold. The game itself is solid, and quite a bit of fun, but the IAP may kill it in the end. We’ll have a full write-up on this one next week, if you want to go ahead and take it for a spin you can pick up Monopoly Hotels for free on Google Play.

Monopoly Hotels

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