eBay Android app updated with better searching and selling features

If you’re into online shopping via eBay, you should be using the eBay Android app for finding great deals available online. Released not so long ago, the eBay Android app was received quite indifferently by those who’ve downloaded and installed the app on their Android devices. That’s because, the app was not that easy to use according to users. But that’s about to change as the app has just been updated into a new version. The eBay Android app’s change log list down the following new features:

  • Streamlined listing flow makes it faster and easier to list your items:
  • Save multiple listing drafts so you can finish at your convenience
  • Calculated shipping now supported (domestic only)
  • More guidance and pre-populated fields to simplify the process
  • Saved search improvements
  • Improved shipment tracking information
  • Improved image handling

In short, the eBay Android app now features most of the functionalities that you normally use in eBay.com. What the Android app does it to eliminate the need to open up your mobile device’s browser to go to the ebay site. eBay Android app is available now as a free download from the Google Play Store.

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