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Electronic Arts releases Battlelog, the Companion App for Battlefield

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battlelog.androidIf you play console shooters, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve played Battlefield. If so, Electronic Arts released an Android App last week that’s right up your ally with Battlelog for Android.battlelog-1 The Battlelog app lets you stay connected to Battlefield when you’re not parked on the couch shooting people online. It keeps you up to date on what your friends are doing, and allows you to keep track of your own progress as well. As you’d expect, the Battlelog app is full of great features including Battle Feed, the Com Center, Stats & Unlocks, Assignments, and Leaderboards. Battle Feed lets you know whenever you’re friends get new unlocks or awards while the com center allows you to see what servers your buddies are playing on. Very handy if you want to send a message and setup a game for later. The Stats & battlelog-2Unlocks section is great to have on hand as well, especially if you want to check out your dog tags or see what unlocks come next. Electronic Arts is usually hit or miss with their mobile releases, but they’ve done an awesome job with the Battlelog app. With the BF4 on the horizon (Alpha just started), one can only assume they’ll keep Battlelog updated as things progress on with the new game. If you play Battlefield, you’ll definitely want to pick up Battlelog, and you can get it for free on Google Play.