Eric Chu Steps Down as Overseer of the Android Market/Google Play

Eric Chu Steps Down… The big news this week for most of us was the re-branding of the Android Market into the oddness known as Google Play. Now it looks like that isn’t the only change that’s been made as Eric Chu who’s help to manage the team behind the market for over four years has stepped away. Chu will look at other opportunities inside Google as Jamie Rosenberg will step into his role. Jamie Rosenberg has been with Google for around 2 years after coming over from Microsoft and being VP of premium services for Danger which was co-founded by The Big G’s chief Andy Rubin. The move comes not long after the switch to Google Play and it’s anyone’s guess how closely the two are related; that being said the timing of the events kind of speak for themselves. The market has been a mess for quite some time and Chu was only half of the two-headed boss handling things as David Conway was the other. Everyone has their own ideas on what went or is wrong with the Market, and why developers are unhappy with their earnings. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice developers aren’t earning, and Android lost a good one earlier this week when Mika Mobile announced they’d no longer support the platform.  That’s it in a nutshell, and although I normally stick to reviewing games I’ve got a pretty strong opinion on this issue.

The Trouble with the Market… Personally, I think the name change was a horrible idea as do a lot of others. The logo looks like it belongs at a Pink Floyd show, and while I’m a fan of the band the logo kind of sucks. Google put so much time and effort into selling the market along with its little green mascot that a change this big seems a bit asinine to say the least. You know what they say about opinions… but I think that Google should’ve kept the market name & logo while concentrating on improving the “Quality” of the apps available. There are some awesome Android games out there folks, but finding them is like digging through a needle in a haystack. Everyone knows and loves Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, but how about games like Beyond Ynth or Tongue Tied? There are scores of solid games that go largely unnoticed as more and more “clones” fill the market Google Play and I won’t even get started on all the “crap-apps” flooding the good ones out. All of unofficial copies of Temple Run over the past two weeks would be a good example of quality control, and the fact that there are scores of different android devices that run different versions of the OS just makes matters worse.  The OS Fragmentation should get better, but it still doesn’t help that device manufacturers are Android crazy and put out way too many devices in a calendar year. All this does is confuse consumers and make them move towards Apple as it’s a much simpler pick. Do I think Android is in a load of trouble? Not by a long shot, but they do need to change some things if they want to keep on rolling strong. Changing the Android market was a major move and it will be interesting to see if anything else changes or if Rosenberg can straighten things out. Sometimes change is a good thing and we’ve got a lot of 2012 left to see where things will go from here. Only time will tell if the name change will be enough or if it’s just a temporary fix for larger issues… Site Referenced – Tech Crunch

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