Evernote Android App Now Optimized for Android Tablets

The folks at Evernote have just announced the release of their updated Android app, now offering a new interface suited for Android tablets. Since Evernote was already available for iPad for a year now, this new version for Android tablets takes most of the features of the iPad app and is even a better version. The update also brings in one of the most requested feature for the mobile app which is ability to create notes with rich text text, lists and checkboxes. I just installed the app on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the first thing I noticed upon firing up the app is the clean home screen which is now dominated by the new Snippet View. This lets you quickly browse through your notes. On the left edge of the screen you’ll have several options for viewing your notebooks, tags and notebooks that have been shared with you. On the top part of the screen you see the New Note Button, Map View and Search.To view a note, you simply tap on it. And if you tap and hold, you’ll see other options such as sharing, tagging and viewing note on a map. When composing a note, you’ll see several options (represented by nifty icons) just above the keyboard. These options let you do most of the things that you can do while composing a note and include – choosing a notebook, assigning tag to a note, taking a snapshot, recroding audio, attaching files and the option for creating styled text.

Other new features of Evernote Android app for tablet include – a highly functional search button for searching through your notebooks, single note view that allows you to share your notes via Facebook, email, or other Android app, and a nice looking  map view. Also new to the app is the option to put a large Evernote widget on your Android devices’ screen. Evernote Android app is available now as a free download from the Android Market.

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