For those who use their Android smartphones or Android tablets for note-taking, Evernote is probably installed on your device since the day you got it. That’s because Evernote is one of the best if not the best note-taking app for Android (and other platforms). So, if you’re using Evernote, hit up the update button on your device’s Play Store to find the updated Evernote Android app waiting for you. The updated Evernote app brings in a bunch of nice new features that will make your note-taking chores easier. These new features include improved toolbar in the Note Editor, Offline Notebook multi-select for Premium users, and redesigned Action Bars for Android tablets. In addition, the app also got a stretchable widget. If you’re a premium Evernote user, you know that Offline Notebooks is one of the most popular premium features of Evernote. This feature allows you to download as many notebooks as you like directly to your phone or tablet. It even lets you access note attachments quickly. So with the updated Evernote, taking notebooks offline is easier now with the facility to select multiple notebooks at once. The updated Evernote app also cleans the Note Editor toolbar. Everything that are not related to editing are put into the Action Bars along the top of the note. So you can now use the toolbar to style your text as well as to organize it with bullets, lists, and checkboxes. The app will even let you hide the toolbar just by tapping on the arrow. Other new feature of the updated Evernote Android app include – smarter action bar and the new grid widget which allows you to create new notes right from your device’s desktop. This new grid widget was made to fit to any screen size now. Evernote Android app is available as a free download from Google Play. Via [Evernote Blog]

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