Evernote gets a new update, adds custom reminders


Two weeks ago, Evernote added reminders for its iOS, Mac and web apps – but no such luck for Android. If you were waiting patiently to try out reminders on Evernote for Android, your day has come. Evernote 5.1 is now available via Google Play.

So how do the reminders work? The new update places a small alarm icon above each note, making it easy to create custom reminders. There is also a pop-up screen that lets you choose the date/time and whether to receive an Android (or email) notification when your deadline draws near. Once you finish setting a reminder, it can then be pinned to the top of your notes list. It will also be possible to organize the reminders into a manual to-do list.

For those with business or shared notebooks, you’ll also have the option to subscribe to notifications. This could be perfect when it comes collaborating on projects and keeping track of deadlines.

The only downside to the reminders feature is that there currently isn’t a way to set recurring reminders, for things like regular appointments or bills. For that reason, the reminders feature in Evernote might not be enough to pull you away from your current to-do list app.

While the reminders feature is probably the biggest change found in this new Evernote update, there are also a few other changes such as corrected photo order in multi-shot camera, improved shortcuts, and improved copy/paste in note view.

Have you grabbed the update yet? If so, what do you think?

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Via: Android Authority

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