When Evernote’s Skitch Android app was updated sometime in October, many were delighted with its Evernote integration feature. But that was the last we heard about the app. Some of you may have probably stopped using the app and to be honest, I’m one of them. The reason for that being the fact that I couldn’t really find anymore use for the said Android app. And so Evernote decided that it’s time to update its drawing app and brings it to version Obviously, the update brings in several new features and performance improvements to the Android app. And these new features might be enough for you to start using the app again. As for those who doesn’t have the app installed on your device yet, now is the right time to do so, especially if you’re using a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet with the S Pen feature. Speaking of the S Pen, the updated Skitch Android app which according to Evernote is better and smarter has improved the pen tool and the move/pan tool . There’s also a new hold and lock feature which will let you prevent the app from auto-switching to other tools and stay locked to the current tool that you are using. The said pen tool is also now works faster and smoother while the move/pan tool is now more active when you’ve selected an object. You can also now revert back to previous tool easily when you are deleting, deselecting or swiping your finger. Other new features of the updated Skitch Android app include intelligent tool tips, enhanced move tool and other improvements that make the app smoother and more stable. Improvements and fixes to the SD Card feature were also brought in. All those being said, the app can now be downloaded from Google Play store for free. Via [Google Play]

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