Explore Microsoft Skydrive with the Android SkyDrive Explorer App

Cloud storage is so hot these days. Apple has iCloud, Google Drive is now live, and there’s Dropbox. These are just few of the cloud storage service which not only lets you store files but access them as well via their respective mobile apps. So, how about Microsoft and its SkyDrive service?  If you’re an iOS device owner and you happen to use Microsoft Skydrive, you’re luckier because there is already an official SkyDrive app. That leaves Android device owners who are also Microsoft SkyDrive users hoping to for Microsoft to release the same app for Android. But it seems that Android is the least among Microsoft’s priorities. So, a kind Android app developer was generous enough to create a SkyDrive app. Dubbed Android SkyDrive Explorer, this Android app has one purpose – to give you a fully-functional Android app specifically for using the SkyDrive service on your Android devices. In short, Android SkyDrive Explorer offers a cleaner, simple Microsoft SkyDrive experience. The app simply makes SkyDrive feel like a natural extension of your phone. With all those said, Android SkyDrive Explorer app lets you do the following:

  • View your images, photos and videos
  • Listen to music straight from the cloud
  • Save any file to your phone with a single click!
  • Upload files easily
  • Load photos automatically as you take them
  • Batch upload and download files
  • Create new folders
  • Move or copy files anywhere in your SkyDrive
  • Rename and delete files

Android SkyDrive Explorer is available now as a free download from Google Play. It’s a must-have Android app especially if your a Microsoft SkyDrive user.  

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