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ExZeus 2 3D shooting game blasts its way to Android

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Fans of 3D shooting games will surely be delighted to know that the sequel to ExZeus has just made its way to Android. For those new into the game, ExZeus 2 is a fast-paced 3D shooting game set in the 2217 CE, specifically a century after the first game’s timeline happened. ExZeus 2’s plot goes something like, the Earth now in peace is now being threatened by a new menace out to break that peace. And to prevent this menace from destroying the earth, the only hope is of course to open the ExZeus project anew. And the 3 former metal warriors who save the Earth before were now fused – giving birth to a new powerful model of robot named – Minos. And so the game begins. The game features 3D graphics and sound and has everything that you’ll probably look for in a 3D shooter. You’ll be engaged in three forms of battle namely, aerial, ground and vehicular combats. You’ll earn experience points based on your skills and use these points to  upgrade and customize your robots. New to the game is the ability to shoot enemies in the air or fight them on the on ground in close combat sequences. Other features of the game include Gyro, Virtual Page and External USB Controller support, online ranking, and realtime worldwide leaderboard. Now, before you head out and grab this game from Google Play, take note that ExZeus 2 is compatible only with Tegra devices such as the Nexus 7. You’ll also need 200MB of space in your device to run the game. If you have those requirements fulfilled, then feel free to grab the game from Google Play. From the game preview and published screenshots alone, you can easily tell that this game really rocks. The graphics are pretty top-notched and the animation runs flawlessly. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support my Galaxy S3. Hopefully, the game developers will release a toned-down version of this game that will work with non-Tegra devices.