Facebook Android app adds photo and message sharing from home screen

Facebook has quietly released a not so major update to its Facebook Android app. The update brings in a more integrated and instant experiences when accessing your Facebook account using your Android smartphone or tablet. It also brings the Android app closer to functionality as it is when accessing Facebook using your computer. The updated Facebook Android app now allows you to share photos and messages directly from your device’s home screen. For those who are using the Facebook Messenger app, the update brings the same functionality to the native Facebook Android app. In fact, some find it a bit confusing already since the functionality of the two apps tend to overlap a bit. A blog post from the official Facebook developers blog states that the update integrates several features of the Facebook Messenger app to the native Facebook Android app including the ability to see when your friends are online or using their mobile devices to access Facebook. Additionally, it also adds the ability for you to add people to a group conversation plus the addition of a more intelligent contact list which sorts the list via the people whom you are interacting mostly. The updated Facebook app also brings in the camera and messaging shortcuts to your device’s app tray. ¬†This is different from the Facebook app icon that you appears on the app tray. Facebook Android app is available now as a free download from Google Play.

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