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Facebook Android App Gets Places, Groups

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For those who are using the Facebook app on your Android phone, well Mark Zuckerberg and his team got a surprise for you. Facebook for Android has just been given a major update and it now has – Places and Groups features. Facebook for Android 1.4 now allows you to check-in to your favorite restaurant, museum, business or any other location using your Android phone. Facebook Places has been around for some time now for the iPhone version of the app, but it is only now that it has been finally enabled for Android devices. For those who are not aware, Facebook Places works similar to Foursquare and other location-based social networking apps. It’s really Facebook’s take on the flourishing location-aware market. And since other apps are letting you share your check-ins with your Facebook anyways, so might as well have the Places feature on the Facebook mobile app as well. The other new feature of the Facebook Android app has something to do with Facebook Groups. The app now lets you message a group of friends using the mobile app. You can create groups right inside the app while using your Android phone and message your friends right there and then. Another new feature that was added, although just a minor one is the refreshed notification feature. This time, the app will no longer send you off to the browser but will take you to the appropriate destination with the app itself. Read Facebook Blog