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Facebook Android App Updated to Version 1.5.1 with Deals Feature

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Facebook for Android has just been updated to version 1.5.1. This was announced via the official Facebook for Android Facebook Page. Yes, actually it was just a wall post informing Facebook for Android users that the new Facebook for Android is now on its version 1.5.1 And what does the new version brings in to Facebook for Android users? Well, since you can’t find a full official announcement, your best bet in finding what are the new features of the updated app, you just have to rely of the changelog provided on the Android Market. And here’s what the statement has to say about the new features of Facebook Android app:

  • Added Deals – get access to savings, free offers and special deals from nearby businesses.
  • Added Chat – now you can chat with your facebook friends right from your Android device.
  • Push notifications (only supported for devices on Android 2.2+)
  • Various bug fixes

Now before you go wondering if you have installed the update after getting it but you can’t find the Deals feature, well you have to explore some more. More particularly try going to Facebook Places (if it’s already activated in your area). And if you get lucky that a establishment is offering Deals nearby, you’ll see it coming out. Unfortunately, Facebook Places is not yet available in my area. So, if anyone here have seen the Deals feature of Facebook for Android 1.5.1, we will appreciate if you can share it with us via the comment below. To get the new version of Facebook for Android, just hit the “My Apps” tab from the Android Market or simply search for the app. via Gadgetell