Facebook Android app updated with three new features that you'll surely love

Are you a big Facebook Android app user? Specifically, do you habitually take photos using your Android devices and immediately post the photos to your Facebook account? If you answer yes to those two questions, well then you’ll be glad to know that the Facebook Android app has just been updated with new features that you’ll surely love. It’s not a major update really. In fact, there are only three new features listed on the app’s changelog. And these are:

  • Faster photo tagging
  • Choose an album when uploading photos
  • Fixed photo upload bug affecting people using certain languages

So the next time you take a photo using your Android device, you can simply tap on it before uploading to tag the photo. The app will even prompt you by displaying the   phrase ” tap to tag.” And also before uploading the photos, you’ll noticed that there’s a new album icon alongside the People, Location and Camera icon just above the keyboard. Tap on the Album icon and the app will give you a list of your Facebook Albums. Simply select where you want the photo to be uploaded and the app will do its wonders. The updated Facebook Android app is available now from Google Play. Check it out and let us know whether you like the update or not. And yes be proud because I checked the Facebook app on my iPhone and the update is still not there. No words on when this will be pushed to iOS as well.

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