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Facebook Android App Users Outside the US Can Now Check In to Facebook Places

by On

For those of us who have been waiting for Facebook Places to be activated in our respective regions – well our wait is finally over. It seems that Facebook has quietly enabled Facebook Places for users outside the U.S. Previously, when I tap on the Places icon from the main menu screen of Facebook Android app I always get the message that Facebookoooooooo Places was not yet available in my region. But now it’s different, upon tapping on the Places icon, I was brought the Facebook Places Check-in page where I could see a list of my friends who’ve recently checked in to Places. I tapped one of my friends entry on the list and the Facebook Android app displays another screen showing some information about my friend’s recent activity, the place where he checked in as well as the distance of his locations to mine. There’s also a small Google map icon on top of the screen but it was not clickable.  The page also has two more tabs – Info and Photo. The Info tab shows how many people have liked the post and the number of check ins to the place. The Photo tabs did not yield anything though. So, I tried using the Check in feature and the app starts searching for nearby places. Upon finding the place where I was, I simply tap the “Check In” button and boom! Iwas able to check in using Facebook Places. Overall, Facebook Places on the Facebook Android app is a pretty much simple way of checking in to places. It’s not as elaborate as Foursquare’s interface is. But it does one important thing though – the app directly post my check in to my Facebook wall. So I might need not use Foursquare anymore in the future. I really do hope that Facebook will implement the badge system later on. If that happens, then Foursquare has something to worry about. Especially in countries where the Facebook userbase is greater than Foursquare users. If you’re outside the US and you noticed the same changes to your Facebook Android app, please shout out. Facebook has not officially announced this and we would like to know which countries were covered by these feature.