Facebook-Android It has been a little more than a week since the release of Facebook Home for Android. The initial launch was limited to the US and just yesterday reached the 500k download and installation mark from Google Play. This is a remarkably slow starting growth for this hyped up Facebook and Android collaboration. The small starting numbers can possibly be explained by Facebook release strategies but how do they explain the completely underwhelming reviewer ratings? Facebook-Home1 Of the 500,000 user downloads and installations about 11,000 of the users decided to submit reviews. Facebook Home is currently rated with an embarrassing 2 stars average. This is because of out of the 11,000 reviews more than half have rated Facebook Home with a single star and negative things to say. There appears to be a general feeling that Facebook Home has gone too far by attempting to prioritize social networking over the basic functions of our phones and the use of other apps. Many of these reviews express the displeasure that with the installation; Facebook Home has taken over their phone. There could be a strategy from Facebook in play here. Firstly Facebook Home is only available for a few select phones albeit, they are some of the most popular phones available. The slow roll out for Facebook Home could be to gauge and adjust as it is slowly released to the entire market. By limiting the initial responses to the first 500k they can effectively adjust Facebook Home for the masses before it is available all around. If this is actually what the strategy behind Facebook Home’s release is, then the Android Skin may indeed have a chance. If there is no strategy here and we are seeing the release of Facebook Home as it was intended we are probably preparing to witness a massive failure.     Source-venturebeat

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